RYB 1999

RYB 1997

Festival of Political Song, Sheffield, England

Friday 31st October - Sunday 2nd November 1997.

Celebrating the power of political music and campaigning arts

Giving voice to struggles for liberation, equality and justice, in defence of the environment, and for a better world ahead

Following the great success of the Raise Your Banners festival in November 1995, the second Raise Your Banners festival of political song took place in Sheffield over the weekend of 31st October-2nd November 1997.

All over the world, music and song express the anger, the ambitions and the solidarity of popular struggles.

It is the aim of Raise Your Banners to raise the public profile of political music in Britain. It brings together musicians, professional and amateur, from this country and abroad, to display their talents and celebrate the political power of music. It provides, for people active on the left, a weekend of fun and solidarity. And the sheer vivacity of the festival is another sign that left-wing politics are very much alive and kicking.

Raise Your Banners ‘97 comprised some twenty concerts, in venues large and small around Sheffield city centre. These were complemented by a full programme of workshops, children’s events, talks and discussions, theatre, film, performance poetry and exhibitions.