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Raise Your Banners 2001

Dear Friends,

Planning is under way for this year's festival.  We are reverting to the single weekend format, and the dates will be 16/17/18 November.

The first thing we need is money!  To cover 'up-front' costs we'll need about 18,000.
 It's never been easy - because of the overt politics of the festival - for Raise Your Banners to get grants and sponsorship.  But we know we have enough support from enough individuals and groups around the country for our target to be attainable. That's if you chip in!  Please do!

We had a lot of feedback after the 1999 festival.  If you're one of the people who made comments, be assured that we will pay attention to what you said, though we can't promise to act on everything.

And it's just the right time to send in any suggestions or ideas you have for this year's festival.

We need your help if we are to act on some of the suggestions.  For example, several people urged us to book 'younger musicians/bands who are at the cutting edge of today's protests'. Hear-hear to that!   But you have to tell us who these musicians are and how we can get in touch with them.

Since the last festival we've put on a series of events in Sheffield, partly to raise funds, and partly to maintain our profile, as well as letting us in Sheffield hear some excellent music.  We presented a day singing workshop with Black Voices and the magnificent Linda Tillery (who flew over from the USA specially for those workshops). We've put on Judy Small, Leon Rosselson, Lemon Soul, and Ceili House. The last in the series will be Sandra Kerr and Roy Bailey on Friday 16 February.

The committee organising this year's festival comprises Roy Bailey, Kathleen Brown, Lisa Heller, Cath Ingham, Pete Mitchell, Mike Reid, and Nigel Wright.

Throughout last year the committee discussed the overall shape and style of the festival, and hopefully this will be reflected in an even more successful event in 2001.  As soon as plans are settled we'll let you know what's happening.

We've received material from the campaign in support of Mzwakhe Mbuli, the imprisoned South African musician.  For further information contact News from Nowhere, 96 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY (Tel. 0151 708 7270) or check out



Become a Friend and send a donation or make out a Standing Order
Pass 2 leaflets on to other people
Put the date - 16-18 November - in your diary
Contact RYB with your suggestions and ideas, including bands/musicians you think we should put on
Send us names of other people we can add to our mailing list
Let us know if your organisation/group will include RYB leaflets in your mailouts

    Raise Your Banners, PO Box 44, Sheffield, S4 7RN
    or e-mail Cath Ingham on: [email protected]

  * I would like to suggest the                 * Please add these people/organisations
     following bands/musicians               to your mailing list
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