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Stop press: the 2001 festival was a resounding success.  See the full concert programme for an overview. 

A companion recording for the festival has been compiled by Roy Bailey.  This can be obtained from Roy's web site.

Though smaller than last time, this year's festival included a full weekend programme of concerts at Sheffield Hallam University (see Festival 2001) with workshops for children and adults on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th November.


Performers included:

Faith Petric (USA) – Rebel Voices (USA) – Dick Gaughan (Scotland) – Attila the Stockbroker (England) – Frankie Armstrong (Wales) – Leon Rosselson (England) – Robb Johnson (England) – Julie McNamarra (England) – Kath Tait (New Zealand)

…and many more.  A unique festival to celebrate a centuries old tradition of people’s songs that express dissent and reflect on the world in which we live. The Festival this year built on the outstandingly successful Festivals of ’95, ’97 & ’99. 

Come and join us at the next festival!

There are two traditions in human history: hierarchy, discipline and order   -  and  -  equality, liberty and justice. Raise Your Banners is a celebration of the latter. A weekend of enjoyment and entertainment.  “You don’t have to be solemn to be serious”.

Some of what they said about Raise Your Banners 1999:

"...everyone had a great time - inspirational, exhausting, invigorating..."
"Wonderful weekend - politically and musically uplifting and inspiring. Well organised and friendly."
"Bravo. It was a totally memorable experience."


What the festival is about

The world of artistic expression and political action has a long and distinguished tradition. Artists have found their voice in music and song and in many other forms.

Anger and frustration at injustice and inequality have long been a powerful motivator for artists. They have used their talents to challenge, question and comment upon political, social and economic conditions. Exposure to, and involvement in, these challenges has itself brought about changes in people. Expressions of solidarity with those who fight injustice and inequality have become a focus for political activity. Movements have grown.

 In England, as in other countries, we have a history of dissent that is rarely incorporated into the curricula of our schools. It is a history our children rarely learn. People who openly struggle to change the established order are, if they are mentioned at all, labelled “revolutionary”, and dismissed. Yet they too are traditionalists. They belong to a different tradition. It is a tradition not of power, hierarchy and obedience, but of justice, equality and freedom.

It is the aim of Raise Your Banners to give expression to this tradition and this community, which extends across the world.

It aims to bring together as many musicians as possible who share these ideals and give voice to this form of commitment.

It provides for musicians, professional and amateur, from this country and abroad, to display their talents and celebrate the power of political music in its many forms and genres.

It provides, too, a weekend of fun and solidarity.

It reminds us that however isolated we may feel individually, there is a community that is worldwide, of people who share our commitments, our values and our optimism.

Contact Information

Telephone (box office line)
0114 249 5185
Postal address
PO Box 44, Sheffield S4 7RN, England
Electronic mail
General information: [email protected]
Information about web site: [email protected]

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